Thursday, October 21, 2010

Algebra talks

Next Wednesday I'll be "on stage" for talks most of the day. (Should have attended the Lee Strasberg Institute instead of the Fraunhofer Institute ;-) ) I've just finished my presentation of the new Industrial Algebra project for the ITWM's round-robin seminar.

So, I'm right in time, but there still work due: on the morning of the very same day I'll give a talk about Sage at our Hackerbrunch. Perhaps, I can persuade some of my colleagues to switch from Matlab and Mathematica to this free ( in freedom) software. Currently, I'm trying to teach my Sage installation the finite element stuff from FEMhub. Showing that at the Hackerbrunch would be cool, because that's the things they need.

Nice corollary: I just realized that the FEMhub people maintain a Sage-compatible cmake package.

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